“JR TEMPO foods” was established in 2000 as a family company of the Jovanovics’ family, whose business has been growing strawberries and blackberries for generations. We started with a small fruit-freezing facility, whose storage capacity of fifty tons satisfied the needs at that time. In 2005, the company changed the orientation towards development and vertical diversification. The company is located in Trstenik, in Central Serbia, the area famous for a long tradition of agriculture, and whose position, the continental climate, optimal temperatures and precipitation provide the fruit of higher quality than the fruit grown anywhere else.
“JR TEMPO foods” is a highly-professional company with a lot of experience in processing of organic and conventional fruit, osmotic fruit dehydration and production of wine, which allows the company to grow and expand in both the domestic and international markets. “JR TEMPO foods” has introduced the IFS FOOD food safety management system.
The company comprises a 2000-ton warehouse, the fruit osmotic dehydration facilities, and such fruit is sold in the domestic and international markets as the “Green Goody” brand, and the “TEKOVINA winery” producing fruit wines of the highest quality, the pride of this company.
The Company keeps pace with market leaders in the quality, efficiency and design, and the dehydrated fruit brand “Green Goody” and fruit wines from the “TEKOVINA winery” make it possible for the company to offer to the market the vertical and horizontal diversification of products for a variety of everyday use and consumption.






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