Since we cannot be the oldest, the largest or the most famous, WE HAVE DECIDED TO BE THE BEST!
We know it is a high goal and we are aware of the challenge and the time in which we want to achieve that goal. But we also know very well that we have got knowledge, expertise, facilities, the latest technology, equipment and skilled team that can achieve that goal. We also count on the support from fans of quality wine produced to the recipes of a German technologist.
TEKOVINA winery is located in the Municipality of Trstenik, Central Serbia. This area is famous for the long tradition of growing vineyards thanks to the continental climate, optimal temperatures, the precipitation and the number of sunny days per year. All these together help our wines be high-quality and prestigious for real fans of wine.
Our aim is to use carefully selected organic fruit to produce top quality wines with 11% of alcohol and thus promote the Serbian enology, tradition and cuisine. Taking advantage of the heritage from our ancestors and combining it with the expertise of German professors, we would like to show you the more beautiful face of Serbia.






Mobile phone: +381 63 80 35 107
Mobile phone 2: +381 69 633 670

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